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The Ministry of Education, Innovation, and Talent Development Sarawak (MEITD) has launched an initiative to establish the Sarawak Innovation Repository (SIR). The Innovation Division of MEITD is currently working on building this repository, which aims to compile ideas, innovations, and startups generated by the public. The collaboration involves various entities, including Ministry agencies, Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute (TROPI), Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC), Sarawak Research and Development Council (SRDC), CRAUN Research Sdn. Bhd., SMD Semiconductor Sdn. Bhd., Centre Of Technical Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS), and Sarawak Skills.

MEITD will take on the responsibility of managing and fostering these innovations by providing ongoing support through mentorship, grant assistance, and facilitating connections with relevant agencies. 

All submitted concepts, proof of concept, prototypes, innovations, business models, and startups will undergo a verification process. If deemed suitable, they will be recommended to the Sarawak Innovation Repository Committee.

  1. To build a one-stop centre for innovation projects listings in Sarawak.
  2. To provide a platform for every Sarawakian to showcase their innovative ideas.
  3. To encourage collaboration between the general public and agencies or institutions to further developed potential innovative ideas.
  4. To give insight to local research agencies and related industries to develop new innovations.

Disclaimer: Ideas submitted to the Sarawak Innovation Repository remain the intellectual property of their creators.  The Ministry of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Sarawak will not disclose this information to any third party without your prior written consent.

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