Harden runs progress checks on RTP projects in Simanggang
Posted on : 15 Mar 2023  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Harden (right) joins the villagers of Rumah Chembol in a simple late afternoon gathering after one of the site visits.

SRI AMAN (March 15): Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Datuk Francis Harden Hollis recently conducted visits to the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) project sites across the Simanggang state constituency, to see the progress of works so far.

The Simanggang assemblyman first went to see the still-under-construction multipurpose hall of SK Nanga Skrang, where he was briefed on the project by the engineers from the Public Works Department (JKR).

The next stop was at Rumah James Tekat and Nanga Skrang, where he was briefed about the upgrading works on the drainage there by Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) Sri Aman engineer Azizi Dahlan.

“This project costing RM100,000 has actually been completed, but it has to be fully working.

“The DID has informed me that the plan is to backfill both sides of the concrete drain to better facilitate the flow of water,” said Harden.

He later visited Rumah Chembol at Kampung Tinting Kubal, Entebar in Undop, which was undergoing construction.

According to him, funds for the works derived from the loans made by the villagers under Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

It is informed that the current work progress is around 30 per cent.

Harden also visited Rumah Japing, Nyakai at Jalan Paip, where he was told that all the household appliances of that longhouse had been provided.

The assemblyman was accompanied by officers from DID Sri Aman, JKR Sarawak, Land and Survey Department, as well as a group of local community leaders.