Fourteen schools affected by floods in Baram
Posted on : 14 Sep 2022  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Students brave the floodwaters to attend school at SMK Tutoh Apoh this morning.

MIRI (Sept 14): Twelve primary schools and two secondary schools in Baram have been affected by floods following a heavy rain since yesterday evening.

The affected schools are SK Long Teru, SK Penghulu Baya Mallang, SK Long Panai, SK Pengelayan, SK Kuala Tutoh, SK Kuala Bok, SK Long Sepiling, SK Morek, SK Benawa, SK Long Ikang, SK Long Bemang, SK Sungai Arang, SMK Tutoh Apoh and SMK Long Lama.

“Teaching and learning (PdP) sessions are running as usual SK Long Teru, SK Pengelayan, SK Kuala Tutoh, SK Kuala Bok, SK Sungai Arang and SMK Tutoh Apoh.

“However, the sessions in other schools had to be called off as the roads leading to the schools were still flooded as of this morning,” a source told The Borneo Post today.

It is understood that the floods were caused by the overflowing of Sungai Tinjar.

A spokesperson at SMK Tutoh Apoh said the floodwaters at the school have slowly receded after recording a water level of 5.2 feet at 10am today.

“A total of 214 students, 20 teachers and eight other staff are affected by the flood. The flood situation is still bad here.

“The rain has stopped and our school is in operation with the PdPr session is going on as usual with a bit of distortion from 7am to 1pm,” the spokesperson said when contacted.

According to the spokesperson, a majority of the students at SMK Tutoh Apoh are staying at the hostel with only eight of them are day scholars who are sent by their parents to the school using boats.

“The road to Marudi and the school is still accessible to all types of vehicles,” he said.

As of this morning, SK Long Teru, SMK Long Lama, SK Kuala Tutoh, SK Kuala Bok, SK Long Sepiling, SK Benawa, SK Long Ikang and SK Sungai Arang were still experiencing a rising trend in water level, while the floodwaters in other schools had started to recede.

The highest water level was recorded at SK Benawa with more than seven feet (2.13 metres) high.

Meanwhile, Miri Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) acting chief Ahmad Nizam Sapaiee said other areas in Baram that have been flooded today included Long Bemang and Long Panai at Sungai Tutoh.

“Our flood monitoring operation found all residents in both villages are safe and stay on alert.

“The floodwaters in Long Bemang has receded while in Long Panai, it is still at a height of three to four feet,” he said.

Several other low-lying areas in Marudi including Marudi town, Kampung Dagang, Kampung Baru, Kampung Narum, Kampung Padang Kerbau and Kampung Cina were also affected by the floods.

However, no evacuation was ordered as the situation was still under control, said Ahmad Nizam.